Safety is a Top Priority

  • A Place Like Home's professional and caring team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week onsite and our Administrator is always on-call.
  • The more medications a person takes, the greater the risk of a dangerous pharmaceutical interaction or overdose. Our staff is duly trained in the proper distribution and management of pharmaceuticals. All of our medications are secured in a locked, protective cabinet.
  • Resident and family members enjoy peace of mind, knowing that A Place Like Home has 24-hour secured access and real time audio/video surveillance in each room. We hear and see when someone calls out and we attend immediately!
  • Grab bars and handrails in bathrooms are essential safety measures. A Place Like Home has handrails near our toilets and grab bars in our showers and tub.
  • Our floors and hallways are free from obstructions, we have no throw rugs to trip over and we have several ramps to aide in ambulation.
  • For additional reassurance, know that we have a County approved emergency plan, a comprehensive fire plan, and pull-stations in several key locations. We have a centrally located fire-extinguisher.